Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PADINI warehouse clearance

Its PADINI warehouse clearance sale! Actually, I have no idea on the existence of the event. Thanks to one of my high school friend Nina, she uploaded a photo on what's happening there at the warehouse on her facebook! So I picked up the phone and rang Nazrin immediately!
Too bad it was raining cats and dogs we had to stopped near Stadium Shah Alam & wait for the rain to settled down. FYI, we were on a motorcycle and soulmate saya habis basah kuyup kene splashed dengan air lori laju langgar puddles :'(

We arrived in front of the warehouse at 4.50pm. Hati kecewa sebab tak boleh masuk we didn't know that it closed at 5pm. The next day gagah pergi juga and guess what we got to entered as early as 11am! The queue outside the warehouse was insane!

We bought more than 10 clothes. All together 16 kot tak silap. This is only ⅓ of the price tags yang Dea baru cabut tadi :)

See, I told cha the queue was insane! Took this after we shop but not till drop because the price was too cheap! Kami menyusuri jalan untuk pulang dengan muka habis happy sambil pegang dua plastic bag besar sambil ditengok-tengok orang yang sedang beratur panas hati tunggu turn, bye-bye kami dah nak balik! Hehehe ☺

Next photos, show madness inside the warehouse. Nazrin and I went separate ways to kill time because we're actually late for my cousin's wedding! Ayo-yo!

Hehe sorry I HAVE TO crop that so korang tak nightmare. Tudung dah lari-lari, you got to see only the "big nose" and smile I'm wearing ;)
Have a nice day lovers!