Monday, March 28, 2011

Proud to call you my girl

This entry is for you. JUST FOR YOU. I’m terribly missing you pretty lady!
Sorry sangat I couldn’t be there on your 21st birthday :(
Really wish I could be there & celebrate sama-sama just like when we were 17!
We had so many memories together. Good and bad. Tears and joy.
Sometimes, we even fall into arguments. But darling, no matter how bad the argument is,
I love you so much no matter what.
You’re like the twin sister I never had. Have a lovely birthday my dear girlfriend!
I’ll be back in May. I’ll make it up to you. Love you loads!

Sorry I took this from your facebook. Its my favorite picture of your profile picture :)

When I miss you, I will watch this. I sangat suka tengok Kate Hudson dalam ni she looks exactly like you sayang! & I cried like a baby everytime bila tengok cerita ni because it reminds me of us, our friendship & our bonds. Bonds between us can never be broken

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BRUNCH-ing! Say it like KA-CHING-CHING!

This was 2 months ago. At first, the plan was to go out for breakfast at mamak stall or nasi lemak somewhere. Tapi since masa pun dah terlanjur, we ended up brunch-ing at Nandos instead sebab Syida mengidam Nandos. Hehe. Actually, I dah draft dah about this entry earlier tapi tak tau mana it went missing. Would really love to rewrite/re-type it but I’m really really facing trouble with time right now. Okay, let the photos do the talking!

I love you both. A LOT.

Brunch on me! Nahhhh. PIY-lah! Pay It Yourself :D

P.S, Syida, jangan buat drama hilang ticket lagi please.. Love you.

Monday, March 21, 2011


It’s kinda easy to find a pretty good Tomyam dish here in Kelantan. Mostly semua Tomyam kat sini rasa nak dekat sama je. In the good way of course! Meme sedap-sedap belako! It’s different back in Shah Alam & wilayah-wilayah terdekatnya. Bila dah biasa makan Tomyam dekat sini, rasa Tomyam orang sana masak ada je yang kurang except for Amin Thai, Section 7 punya ok la boleh. Molek punya? I forgot. Biasa-biasa je kot sebab tak ingat.

Nazrin been telling me ada this one particular restaurant in Machang yang Tomyam dia sangat delish! Tapi everytime kita passed by je mesti tutup because usually dia buka malam. Alhamdulillah ada satu harini memang rezeki perut lapar kot dia buka awal haritu! Finally dapat juga merasa Tomyam dekat sini! Memang sangat delish! Giving me back my memories of having Tomyam back in Chiang Mai :)

Ala, I am sososorry tak ingat nak snap gambar Tomyam tu dulu before makan. Typical me.

Here’s the location of the restaurant. Sorry ini je the best map yang ada :(

Abang handsome tengah simpan present dalam bag :)

I bought this at a small booth in SACC. Its so comel & only cost RM2.50 each! They also make chocolates for birthdays & even hantaran which you can have your face on it! Uber cool right!

Later, we headed to a Kedai Bundle nearby. We never been there before. Baru lagi kedai ni. It sell only man’s wear. Baju dia semua cantik-cantik & rare. The best place to go if you’re a big fan of cartoon / comic / superhero shirt collector. Its so happen my lucky day haritu, I spotted a tank top hanging infront of the kedai. Punyalah tinggi nak tengok harga tak nampak so Nazrin pun pegilah tanya abang bundle tu berapa then he replied “baju perempuan tu, ambiklah kalau nak” At first, I macam tak percaya ingat dia suruh ambil kayu baju & bawak turun baju tu sendiri & I pun suruh Nazrin tanya lagi sekali and confirmed! Abang tu cakap ambil tak payah bayar! YAY! Bila Nazrin dah bawa turun, nak tau kat tag tu tulis apa? Twentyone! WOW-WOW! Dapat baju Forever 21 free saya harini!

Saya sangat-sangat suka bila saya dapat baju free yang saya sangat-sangat suka :D

P.S, One thing saya realized tentang abang handsome saya ni, he always gets lucky. IN SO MANY WAYS! & the best part is girlfriend dia selalu dapat tempias good luck tu juga! :DD