Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BRUNCH-ing! Say it like KA-CHING-CHING!

This was 2 months ago. At first, the plan was to go out for breakfast at mamak stall or nasi lemak somewhere. Tapi since masa pun dah terlanjur, we ended up brunch-ing at Nandos instead sebab Syida mengidam Nandos. Hehe. Actually, I dah draft dah about this entry earlier tapi tak tau mana it went missing. Would really love to rewrite/re-type it but I’m really really facing trouble with time right now. Okay, let the photos do the talking!

I love you both. A LOT.

Brunch on me! Nahhhh. PIY-lah! Pay It Yourself :D

P.S, Syida, jangan buat drama hilang ticket lagi please.. Love you.