Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goodbye Twilight & Helloooooo Fright Night!

Click image to view Fright Night trailer!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

JACK 'n JILL Thrill3r Project: River Boarding

By far, River Boarding is the coolest sport ever! Sorry cheerleading kau turun satu anak tanggaッ
But I still love you though☺

What do I get to do?
Rip down fast rapids in a terrain that's ever changing. Its not as easy as you think.

I'm not a swimmer, can I do the activity?
Participants need to be confident in fast flowing water and must have some basic swimming abilities.

Adventure Rating and Remarks
Whitewater riverboarding is the ultimate river sport for the extreme sports junkie. The collection of bruises and tumbles will get you all charged up!
Suitable for ages 15 years and above. All teens require parent/guardian consent. *Guides may reject your participation if they find you unsuitable for the activity in terms of health and skill.

Rates (in Malaysian Ringgit and per person)
RM220, Single run
RM250, Two runs
Minimum 5 pax, maximum 8pax per run
Please inform them your shoe/dive bootie size, body weight, height and wet suit size (estimate)

Wanna get the chance to do this kind of activity for free?
Join me at now!

Itinerary - Single Run
0900 Meet guide at Gopeng Toll Exit 135 (Recommended) or another designated location for convoy to starting point.
0930 Arrive at starting point and gear up. A thorough training on riverboarding and safety plus water confidence will be conducted.
1020 After warm up, you will kick your way down river and into the rapids under the guidance of the instructor.
1200 Arrive at the end point. Transfer to lunch area.

*If 2 runs, end time may be extended til 1pm for lunch. It will also depend on water level and flow which is unpredictable. Times mentioned above are approximate only

What does it include?
Instructor, river guide/ rescue, riverboard, riverboarding gear(helmet, full body wetsuit, booties, fins), safety equipment, training, 1 lunch

What does it exclude?
Insurance, snacks
What do I need to wear/bring?
You will be given a full wet suit (amongst other safety gear) so for males, wear swimming trunks or thin layered shorts. For ladies, you may wear a swimsuit. Bikini's your choice.
Bring an open mind, patience and a smile. You will also need a change of clothes, towel, insect repellent, sun-block lotion, toiletries, personal medication and snacks if you get really hungry fast.
Best time to visit
All year long. As trainers and guides do not do this full time, please enquire 3 weeks ahead.
Getting there
KL - Gopeng approximately 2 hours. Go north to Ipoh on PLUS highway. Look out for Gopeng exit 135 (after Tapah Exit). T-junction turn right to go Gopeng town. You will drive through 1 set of traffic lights and within few minutes you will be in Gopeng.
Private overland transfer from KL or Ipoh can be arranged upon request at additional charge.

Person to contact

The lady boss, Adeline! @ 019 556 1113 or 017 572 1113.

Rumah Rehat Adeline'sLot 13302, Mukim Teja, Kampung Geruntum, Sungai Itek, 31600 Gopeng, Perak

P.S, You'll be River Boarding from Sungai Kampar to Sungai Itek! It is exhausting but fun! fun! fun! all the way down ;)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Come And Join Us @ Mid Term Break Garage Sale, Shah Alam!

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Got no transportation? You can simply take the KTM train to Shah Alam station, then take a cab to the garage sale! Cab from KTM Shah Alam station will only cost you about RM4-5. See you this Wednesday! ;)

P.S, You can be one of the vendors too! Sms me at 0123564808 or tweet to me @MedihaOmar

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magical Musicals, A West End Production

Tramp ride from Petting Zoo to Amphitheatre! Tak adalah jauh mana pun. Tak sampai 2minutes pun dah sampai. Saje je mengada Sunway Lagoon ni suruh naik tramp :)

Infront of Amphitheatre!

We got in just in time! ;)

Ini time lagu Jai Ho, semua orang suka! See pejal's big happy face? Hehe
Duduk seat VIP, memang terasa bahang api depan muka sebab orang api tu depan, kiri & kanan kita. Free facial steaming yaw! ;p

Duduk seat VIP jugalah awak akan diajak menari bersama!
Masa ni wajib menggelongsorkan diri supaya jadi pendek konon-konon orang tu tak nampak kita :p

Bila time romantic scene, akan keluar effects yang best macam ini. I was mesmerized by each effects. Its so fascinating! Everytime bila ada special effects je terus tak focus dah pelakon tengah cakap apa

She's my favorite! Menari paling cantik among the others!

Towards the end :)

Paling best you can have ice-cream while watching the show! :DDDDD
Okay, balik kita naik buggy sebab tramp full & nak tunggu the next one lambat sebab nak balik dia kene pusing one round jauh. Buggy so ketot boleh patah balik ikut suka hati & ikut jalan masa datang tadi. Short cut! :DD

I even got 2 dollars! Diorang tabur duit tadi but its just a sample :)

Magical Musicals will be held at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon, from June10 - July 17 2011. Quick, get your tickets from AirAsiaRedTix or call 603 8775 4666. For more information on Sunway Lagoon, call 603 5639 0000.

I will end this entry with a video. In my previous Magical Musicals post, I ada mention this "Kalau you bertuah dapat tengok orang kat stage tu accidently tergolek ada you dapat tengok dia tergolek lagi sekali untuk the next show? Tak ada kan." And by that, inilah maksud saya! Check out what happen at 00:00:46! Hehe its so funny but cute though :D

P.S, Can you spot my favorite dancer?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baskin Robbins is Captain America's favorite ice-cream before battle!

Pengubat Rindu

*Photo has been deleted*

Hari ini sudah 7 Shaban sayang. Kita semua rindu awak :'(
Without awak celebrating last Hari Raya @ Tokmak's place everything was so different. Tak best in short.
Semoga berkat Shaban ni & Ramadhan, InsyaAllah our prayers will be answered.
Love you always my baby Dira yang kuat sangat!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love you July!

One word, Alhamdulillah :)