Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Flashback On 2nd Semester

Amalina mengayuh
Khairina membonceng

While FISH SPA-ing
Meet my roommate Khairina Sabila
AMARAN: Do not invite her into a conversation if you're suffering from insomnia because she's really fun to exchange stories with. If you disobey this, alamatnya matahari naik pun kau tak tidur lagi.
I love this photo! Prrrrretty!!

I nak tidur dengan you sampai Part 6!
Having a roommate other than her will be a nightmare.

Meet Nurul Ahda in white shirt :)

Oh yeaah! Tengok tu muscles hasil CHARM practices & BB Gymnastic ada lagi!
(Makin fading sebab I've stopped everything) :(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little story board

Title: One happy evening
Photos by: Aqqiyuddin

Hold on Sayang, Zip beg jap
"Aiiiyak!" Almost ready Sayang..
annnnnnd GO!
She: Sayang, I'm to heavy for thisss!
He: Memang pun but I love you Baby!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Timeless Shoes

Hello lovely readers, its great to have you here! This is my timeless shoes. This piece of TOPSHOP have been my all time favorite since the last 4 years! Haha. Quite a long term relationship I have with this pair of shoes :) Even though my shoe racks keep welcoming new pairs but this simple piece always been my choice since forever! I love the simple design & it’s superrrrrrr comfortable!! That’s why I fell in love with it & for sure I’ll never throw it even how seasoned it might be. Can you guys just imagine the shoes already bocor & at its worst condition & I repaired it by myself to make it useable again. It is now in Superrrrrrr Tip Top condition! Hehehe. See! I do love them so much. If you guys spotted me wearing this 4 years old baby of mine at bazaar, shopping malls, flea market, anywhere.. please do greet me with “Hi dear, is that the 4 years old baby?” I’ll definitely give you discounts on Dulcet, Kuala Lumpur items! So babes, watch out for my 4 years old! ;)

What’s these 4 years old have been through

1- Grab it at Topshop, One Utama (Mama bought it for me along with a turqoise dress)

2-Wore for the first time to shop at Alamanda, Putrajaya with my family

3-Wore it for jalan-jalan with friends several times

4-Wore it to my high school’s prom night
(I can’t wear a high heels because my date was short! HAHA)

5-While waiting for SPM results, I’ve been working with Mark & Spencers, Sunway Pyramid as a Shop Assistant for about 7 months. I wore this 4 years old baby every single day of that 7 months! There’s even few customers asked me where I bought it & told me they look so comfortable :)

6-Wore it to weddings & many other functions & places I can’t barely even remember it.

7-Wore it to my interview for UiTM

8-Regularly wearing them to class, airports & even bus stations!

9-Will it be a day that I’ll be pushing them away? Naaaah...

10-Will pass it to my daughter someday, InsyaAllah :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy birthday dear Nena!

Nena, I curi this from your Facebook. Hope u don't mind!

15th August, it’s my little sister Nurul Amalina’s 17th birthday. She’s grown up as a beautiful girl now. I can still remember those days we spent together growing up. I miss her so much. We’ve been apart for quite a long time. Estimated around 2 to 3 years. It’s all started when I’ve moved to a new neighborhood & few years later I’ve entered UITM in Kelantan. We may far in distance but very close in heart. Even though she’s not my biological sister, I do love her soooo much! She’s the best & only little sister I ever had. We’ve never been into fight at all. That’s the most special part about us. Oh sister, I miss u so badly :(