Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Flashback On 2nd Semester

Amalina mengayuh
Khairina membonceng

While FISH SPA-ing
Meet my roommate Khairina Sabila
AMARAN: Do not invite her into a conversation if you're suffering from insomnia because she's really fun to exchange stories with. If you disobey this, alamatnya matahari naik pun kau tak tidur lagi.
I love this photo! Prrrrretty!!

I nak tidur dengan you sampai Part 6!
Having a roommate other than her will be a nightmare.

Meet Nurul Ahda in white shirt :)

Oh yeaah! Tengok tu muscles hasil CHARM practices & BB Gymnastic ada lagi!
(Makin fading sebab I've stopped everything) :(