Friday, July 10, 2009

Si Comel

Comel (Mek's Cat)

Kelantan/Thailand Border

Its weekend! 10th July 2009. Mom's friend called few days earlier. She invited me to have a weekend at her place. Her name is Roslina but I called her Che Na. Her house is somewhere before reaching Kota Bharu. So that night, Che Na picked me up at UiTM Machang and we had dinner outside.
After my tank is full with Kuey Teow Sup, we headed straight to Mek's place (Che Na's mother).
Its quite late, I had Milo with crackers and sleep :)

Next morning, Mek and Ayah (Mek's husband) took me to see the border of Kelantan and Thailand. Never I thought in mind they will take me to cross the river. But yeah, with only RM1 for the boat ride I am at a different country now! There's actually a tax free market across the river.

Here's photos that I managed to captured.

Meet Ayah (Mek's husband)

That's Kelantan. Captured from Thailand.

One way RM1 boat ;)

Thailand's Market