Monday, March 28, 2011

Proud to call you my girl

This entry is for you. JUST FOR YOU. I’m terribly missing you pretty lady!
Sorry sangat I couldn’t be there on your 21st birthday :(
Really wish I could be there & celebrate sama-sama just like when we were 17!
We had so many memories together. Good and bad. Tears and joy.
Sometimes, we even fall into arguments. But darling, no matter how bad the argument is,
I love you so much no matter what.
You’re like the twin sister I never had. Have a lovely birthday my dear girlfriend!
I’ll be back in May. I’ll make it up to you. Love you loads!

Sorry I took this from your facebook. Its my favorite picture of your profile picture :)

When I miss you, I will watch this. I sangat suka tengok Kate Hudson dalam ni she looks exactly like you sayang! & I cried like a baby everytime bila tengok cerita ni because it reminds me of us, our friendship & our bonds. Bonds between us can never be broken