Sunday, November 20, 2011

Berger BURGER KING satu ringgit!

Nov 16 has arrived! Its time for 1 BKRAZY DAY. One spicy chick n crisp at the price of 1 ringgit with medium carbonated drink purchase! Since our timetable clashed with each others, Nazrin had his BK lunch first. He did bought an extra burger for me and sent it later to my place in the evening but me being a stiff-necked still insist of having it at the fast-food restaurant juga. Hehehe it just that I love experiencing promo events.
Its such an enjoyment!

Nazrin had to attend his 6 to 9 class. Hence, he can only take me to BK after 9pm. So he did! We went to BK, Setia Alam. Sadly, since the stocks has finished, the promo has ended :( LUCKILY! I brought the burger that Nazrin gave me. Memang niat dihati nak makan berger yang dibeli kekasih, tujuan ke sana saje mengada nak beli extra berger untuk dibawa pulang diberi pada ibubapa sambil minta tolong si dia tunjuk ajar assignment kita ;p

Muka burger -.-