Monday, February 7, 2011

Aktiviti cuti sekolah/mid term break berfaedah

It was the first garage sale that I've took part with as a penjual. Selalu asik jadi pembeli membazir a.k.a pemborong tak bertauliah je kan. I did surprised myself because berjaya motivate diri sendiri untuk tidak membeli more than what I managed to sell. YAY ME! The garage sale were organized by my former uitm classmate Syafieqa Satria & two other beautiful ladies Fazila Said & Hazeera Azlan. Thank you so much you guys for having me ;)

Here are a few photos during the garage sale. The first 3 photos are from Faz's tweet pic & the last 3 are mine :) Good job girls on the successful garage sale & thanks to all yang datang! Would really love to join this kinda event again! Planning to do something like this? Silalah invite saya! Terima kasih I will love you so much seriously! haha bodek ;p

Yang gemok gedempol ni pulak is HAPPY! He's so cute, I just have to upload this!