Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 gonna leave me a tattoo

Hye! This gonna be a short, but kind of a long post too. Gonna put up some photos on stuff that I don't have the chance to post before. I kind of pushed myself to do this entry because if I post it later than today, by tomorrow, its gonna be so last year. So, enjoy! xx

As I promise, my graduation photos!

Malaysia Air Festival at Subang Airport. Went there for photo assignments.
Photo assignments is such a pain in the arse. Snapping photos for fun is fun but photos for assignments where you need to follow rules, with specific elements needed and DATELINEs is absolutely NO FUN! Even worse, when you're not physically well. Its A TORTURE!

This is our so called school trip to Karangkraf!
That annoying face of mine gonna be on DARA February issue. Ha ha.
Meet my classmates! I love these people so much! Each and every one of them are so unique in their own way!
(Left to right) Najah, Azra, Faisal, Dayah, Me for Mediha, Sya, Una, Kakak Karangkraf, Shea, Faryna, Saif and Oggy

And this is at Leader Portrait Artist, Central Market. Beradanya saya di sini juga untuk assignment photo -.-

Before I end this post, I would like to thank all of you who had been supporting me all year round. Its been a very tough year. Although my blog might seems like I have a happy cheerful life throughout the year but trust me life doesn't work that way. I have ups and downs too. I share tears with my family and loved ones. People say I'm good at handling things but I actually cried like a baby with my loved ones. I'm so blessed to have them around. You know who you are, thank you for being the shoulder for me to cry on. Thank you for lending me your kind hand when I need them the most. Thank you for helping my family. Thank you for helping my baby Rara (Allahyarhamah Zarith Nadhira Binti Mohamad Zikri). Al-Fatihah. Hanya Allah S.W.T sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa murni kalian sekeluarga. Much love, Mediha.