Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let-me-get-rid of your confusion

Assalamualaikum & Hi! Meet my elder sister, Munira aka Adeq! People always make this “weird face” when they heard me calling Munira, Adeq. I guess in their mind was “Adik” as in your little sibling. Oh, and they’ll also be like “eh, bukan you adik you kakak ke? EH? EH?? EH???” Kesian awak pening ke? hehehe padan muka ;p Bila malas nak explain sebab dah boring, we just smiled. Its our hobby tho :) But sometimes bila dah terlebih rajin, we made up a story. Telling that before mother give birth to me, they already have Medina(now,28) and Munira(now,24) in the family. So yah Medina is the Kakak, Munira is the Adik. Then, when I was there, I just followed whatever I heard in the surroundings and copied whatever words they baby talked me. And WALLA! Sampai sekarang melekat. So again, Munira is my one and only Adeq♥, not my Adik ;)

P.S, Our made up story did make sense right? ;)
Photo during her last Eid ul-Adha of being single ;)

Soon you’ll be married, and your life will soon be complete.
But I will always come to you, whenever I feel defeat. I love you to bits!

*Photo has been deleted*

Photo, special thanks to 'Izzatnazrin Rosli

Munira with our dearest baby Rara. We love you so much sayang.. we will always be waiting for you. May my prayers and the others be with you always. I have strong feelings that we will be unite again soon! just like the old days :) It's just a matter of time sayang. InsyaAllah. Miss and love you so much Rara Zikry♥