Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot cakes!

The CLEAN & CLEAR Top Best Friends Models contest on facebook is super duper sizzling hot right now!
Its really simple to enter. As easy as ABC & 123! Even simpler!!

Step 1 - Register
Step 2 - Upload Photo
Step 3 - Ask the WHOLE UNIVERSE to vote for you and get the chance to win USD 5,000,00 & a trip to Singapore! Plus you got to do a webisodes, F21 shopping free, Samsung mobile, professional model training and MUCH MORE!

Find out more at

You can take part too! Who knows you might be the lucky one *wink* *wink*.
P.S, Do vote for these pretty ladies of mine too!

Iena & Leya, you two are perfectly beautiful. Sumpah tak tipu antara banyak-banyak photo, photo korang yang paling ada gaya model gitu. If you guys masuk magazine,
I frame muka korang nanti letak sebelah katil I!

Intan, I suka gila you guys punya last phrase. Boleh menang! Seriously!
Bagus ni beauty & brain ;)