Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tangkap Saya!

They caught my attention
Babes, you should watch this too!
Click here

The first one is from my girlfriend, Dhiya Diniy. This is her first video singing while playing piano i guess. I never get tired watching u play diniy! Tak kiralah menyanyi or not ;)

"A few minor and major errors here and there. But mind it. This is dedicated to all the people who requested me to sing while playing the piano. I don't have a good voice but hey! doesn.t hurt to try. Thnx guys 4 ur support"
-Dhiya Diniy Shukri

Dan ini pula are from Gamaliel & Audrey! Wuhooooooo! Very talented siblings :D
Tengoklah Audrey nyanyi, effortless tapi suara keluar gempak je!
Plus, she looks so sweet!
Gamal reminds me of my senior dulu dekat sekolah. Don Siron namanya. Oppss sorry if tersilap eja. I only spell ikut sedap mulut bunyi nak sama gitu. hehe ;)
At first i pandang lagu freeze ni biasa je but after dengar gamal & audrey's version, terus suka!
Omaigod! I love this song sooooo much since I was tak ingat berapa tahun tah. Its nice to hear it again especially from them. Thank you so much Gamal & Audrey!

Ok pergi check them out dekat YouTube sekarang!