Saturday, March 12, 2016

Someone is officially ENGAGED!

Surprise! Surprise! I'm engaged! Ok sebenarnya semangat nak blog balik sebab nak kawin! Nak bawak diary / check-list merata I ni jenis suka tertinggal itu tertinggal ini dah dalam kereta half way baru teringat eh japppp I tertinggal something tetttt.. Memang perangai sangat. Blog balik je lah senang sambil-sambil tu boleh buat kenangan nanti anak, cucu, cicit kita boleh baca. Baca sendiri pun boleh sengeh-sengeh syok sendiri la katakan hahaha.

*Drum roll..*

Gambar atas ni paling favorite. Encik tunang yang snapkan :) Gambar lain muka nervous, kaku, tak ready semua ada. Alhamdulillah, I am now someone's fiancé! Syukur everything went well that day. Just a simple engagement ceremony

yang diimpi-impikan.

My engagement look ☺️

The face - Daily intake of Amaryllis Essentials, Adania luxurious face oil & Adania Vanilla lip balm as based. Thank you so much @amarylliswellness my skin has improved a lot as well as my chappy lips. Adania truly creates wonder in its touch! 
Dress - @rinasallehclothing
Veil scarf - @medeazmy
Shoes - @forever21
Watch - @kennethcole
My very very lovely hand bouquet - @ieyjaazni

Dearest beloved family & close friends, thank you so much for taking out time out of your busy schedule and join us over our little engagement ceremony. We ready appreciate your presence and InshaAllah we will remember your kindness forever!

Thank you girls for your love and support. It was important in every way 💐